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14567583_1192182794137754_7588525579197906238_oI was referred to Cody from my friend Irvin who is a past client of his. I liked the results he got so I decided to give Cody a try. After the first month of my 16 week prep I noticed some really big changes to my physique. From that point on I knew Cody was going to bring out the best in me. Sixteen weeks later I went on stage at The WA Ironman and placed 2nd in the Masters and Open Class. I am very satisfied that I worked with Cody on this prep. He knows his stuff and I highly recommend him.

Cody Watkins Fitness

wilsonbeforeandafterI was introduced to Cody by my brother, he worked with him in previous a competition years ago. Once I decided that I wanted to compete in my first show, I knew I wanted to work with Cody because of how he transformed my brother. I contacted him roughly 5 months out from my show, instead of saying okay this when we start, he helped me with a mini offseason to put on more size before the 16 week prep. In the beginning of prep, I was skeptical about the process, keep in mind this was my first show so I had more worries. It took awhile for me to get used only communication through email and no so frequently chatting, but Cody really went out of his way to help me stay calm and keep my stress levels low. Cody really knows what he is talking about and when it came to changes or answering your questions he will give evidence and facts about why he did what he did.

 The best part about the prep was that he went out of his way to help me stay calm. I was stressed out of my mind about not being lean enough, weight isn’t dropping like other people said they were, or even if I had too many questions He helped me understand the process while teaching me about the sport. Communication when it got closer to show increased greatly from check ins, how I was feeling, procedures, and much more.

In addition to the prep, he has been working with me reverse diet back into a leaner bulk rather than gaining X amount of weight like some stories I have heard. I have already recommended him to so much of my friends, and when the time comes I will definitely work with him again.
Cody Watkins Fitness

daniellephelpstestimonialpicWhether it be personal training for a body building show or for life in general, Cody Watkins is the cream of the crop when it comes to helping people get real results. As a fitness competitior it was extremely important for me to be on a program that got results while still having the energy to perform my very strenuous work schedule and in a healthy manner. Cody's knowledge of the human body, nutrition and supplementation far surmounts your average personal trainer and nutritionist combined. I entrusted Cody with full meal planning and workout programming when it came to competing for my first body building show. Was it hard work? Yes. It will not be easy and you have to follow the script, but in the end getting 1st place Open Figure and 1st place Fitness competitor was worth the hard work and every dollar invested into the programming. If you are doing a show, use Cody, there is so much that goes into preparation and he has the experience and the results with countless clients including myself. I will be using Cody as my coach in the years to come and encourage you to do so as well. You are worth it, you deserve to get results, don't hesitate in reaching out to him today!

Cody Watkins Fitness

ErikaTrophyI decided to accept a challenge to enter a figure and fitness competition under the training guidance of Cody Watkins. Despite being a competitive water-ski athlete, I have always struggled with some “problem areas” and wanted to see what type of changes my body would have with individualized diet management, strength and cardio training. Cody personalized a workout for me and the results were dramatic and life changing.

Not only was the training and guidance excellent leading up to the show, but a meal plan and workout to follow to regain a maintainable body fat percentage after the competition was complete. Cody takes pride in training others and stresses the importance of food management and technique. He is an excellent example of what he teaches. I highly recommend to another fellow athlete who wants to challenge their body to the limits and achieve a whole new understanding of definition and strength. Your motto must then be “One trainer one opinion!” Take that journey with Cody!

Erika Bolliger, 44yrs

October 2013
Seven Feathers Resort and Casino Figure and Fitness Competition

4th Place Women’s Open
5th Place Women’s Masters 5’ 2”

Erika Bolligner
Cody Watkins Fitness

IrvinBefore-AfterWhen I first linked up with Cody it was through facebook, We had chatted back and forth about how prep would be and such before beginning. Once we started Cody had said "Just follow the plan and I can guarantee a better you!" Cody is a great coach and friend because he when it came to dieting and training he would always tell me why I will be eating and training this way from a science based approach, rather than saying "oh just do it because it works." Starting prep with Cody I weighed 207 and the goal was to make 165. Seems like a lot of weight to lose but we did everything slowly so that the diet would not be harsh.

The best thing about working with Cody was that he treated me more like a friend than a client. Communication was always there! Every time I had a question he would usually answer back in less than an HOUR (and trust me I asked alot of questions!). Check-ins were scheduled for once a week but became more frequently as it got closer to show. Having a coach that is there every step of the way is so stress relieving. From dieting, training, posing, tanning, etc. he took care of it all and made sure everything was on point. The fact of having your coach there on show day to guide you through was a big bonus as well! I ended up taking 2nd place in the novice lightweight class and showed up with a BIGGER, LEANER, BETTER me! If I could change one thing, I WOULDN'T because I have learned so much and I was more than happy with what I brought to stage.

Now that show is over, Cody has helped me reverse diet so that I don't binge and make the same mistake I had done the year before by putting on too much weight and getting chunky again. Goal now is to have a good off-season and when I am ready, I will definitely be working with Cody again!

-Irvin Nguyen

"Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome." -Arthur Ashe

Irvin Nguyen

NPC Bodybuilder
Cody Watkins Fitness

bowenbefore-after3Gotta thank my coach Cody Watkins for doing an awesome job on making my prep. Dude is a scientist and a super nice guy. I came in looking 5lbs lighter in 12 hours. Awesome person to work with. Had an awesome time.








Bowen Bottorff

NPC Physique Athlete
Cody Watkins Fitness

IMG_427187179287841I was first introduced to Cody in the fall of 2013 and was hesitant to get connected with another trainer after a previous bad experience. But after failing on my own and encouragement from a fellow competitor I decided to meet with him. he impressed me and my husband within the first few minutes of our meeting. he took my measurements, asked me questions, and told me exactly what I needed to do, what type of body I had and what It would require to get me where I needed to go. He is very knowledgeable and personalizes each of his workouts and meal plans for the individuals needs. With Cody's expertise I was able to compete at the national level, getting first call out at my first national show. There are a lot of trainers out there but there are few that are as passionate and detail oriented as he is. Plus have a knowledge that is based on scientific research and not just the latest fad. I would highly recommend Cody to anyone that is looking to take their physique to the next level whether competitively or for personal reasons.

-Melissa Lovell

Melissa Lovell

NPC Women's Physique
Cody Watkins Fitness

Screen_Shot_2014-11-24_at_10.07.32_PMCody Watkins is a man of vast knowledge and personal experience when it comes to fitness. After watching the success my wife had with him I decided I wanted that too. With Cody's help I was able to compete and win not only in the masters over 40 heavyweight but also the open heavyweight at 47yrs old. Plus won the masters overall. He helped me with not only diet and training but also posing and presentation on stage. He helped me improve my weak areas and got me to a level I have never achieved before. I would recommend him to any competitor that wants to achieve their best or anyone looking to better themselves.








Chris Lovell

NPC Bodybuilder
Cody Watkins Fitness

I first met Cody in a posing class roughly two years ago, upon first glance it wasKodyOverall evident to me the difference between a novice competitor and open competitor. To break the ice my initial question to him was: What weight class are you competing in? It was evident he was well above my level within the sport. It wasn't until a few weeks after the show that we were linked up through another competitor. At that point I walked off stage ranked 6th out of 9 competitors, and a huge blow to my self-esteem. Cody asked if I was willing to take him on as a trainer, and I was eager to make significant changes not to mention ecstatic that he saw potential in me! He provided a series of intense workouts and an over the top diet plan that walked me through off season and gradually changed all the way through peak week. His endless support that included monthly pinch tests, informative supplement knowledge, countless changes to the diet (due to my picky eating habits), and middle of the night panic texts, he was there thru it all. Within the two years of training I came back and won my weight class and overall at the Vancouver Natural. I owe quite a bit to Cody and his wife Jamie for their time and support and I'm honored to call them close friends!

Kody Fraughton

 NPC Bodybuilder
Cody Watkins Fitness

MelissaSmithI’ve always loved working out and keeping in shape. Although I’ve seen a few members at my gym be trained by Cody and completely change their bodies for the better and I’ve wondered what I would be capable of doing under some instruction like that. When Cody approached me to do a figure competition a few times I said, “No way, that’s not for me, thank you.” But after giving it some thought I started thinking why not? Why not me? It’s a transitional time in my life and I need something positive to work towards and this would be something to check off my bucket list. So in January I took the challenge to compete for the first time in the 2015 Northwest Competition Coloring NPC Vancouver Natural USA Bodybuildingin April, 2015!

This was an amazing experience to feel the hard work and diligence pay off! Cody was great about knowing what my body needed for nutrition and training and right when it was needed. I’ve learned so much through this process about nutrition, weight training, water and myself. This man knows his stuff! I am truly grateful that Cody helped me see what my body was capable of. It was hard work but when I put one step in front of the other it seemed very possible. I’m extremely happy with the outcome! I placed 2nd in my division and met all my goals, if not exceeding them! Thank you Cody for your awesome training!

Melissa Smith

NPC Figure
Cody Watkins Fitness

I EmilyTestimonialfirst met Cody Watkins as a client in my massage practice. Over the next several months working with him I learned of his vast knowledge on the muscular system. He knows the ins and outs. October 2014 I began as his client where we did our first weigh in and pinch. On the scale I was 148lbs 34% Body Fat. Over the next several months our main goal was general fitness where by June 2015 I dropped down to 135lbs 20ish% Body Fat. At that time I committed to my first competitions!!! I did my entire cut with never once doing over 45mins cardio, sticking to meal plan and putting in my work with the weights. Caloric intake never dipped below 1300 calories and I had many a carb load throughout! Hands down most honest, knowledgeable coach who has dealt with my shenanigans time and time again! Thank you Cody Watkins!!! By the way should I mention I am now in off season at 138lbs 18% Body Fat.
 Loving this grow time!

Emily Stewart

NPC Women's Physique
Cody Watkins Fitness
I started working with Cody in the middle of my prep and discovered quickly his passion for fitness and competing. He understands the mental and physical process of competing and therefore can easily relate to the challenges I endured. He is always there to answer questions and concerns as he guides me through his regimen. His knowledge of the science of dieting, along with his custom-taylored workouts, have taken me to an even more competitive level.

I placed 1st in Open Bikini at Big Sky Championships and took the Overall Bikini title as well. Two short weeks later I competed at the Emerald Cup and took 2nd in Open Bikini. I have continued to work with Cody in my offseason, preparing for my next show while working towards personal goals.

I am beyond thankful I was referred to Cody from a fellow competitor.



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