Online Coaching


My coaching is individualized to the person. I will assess your current physique, diet, lifestyle, training, etc, to set up a program to fit your goals. First and foremost my goal is to get you there as fast but healthy as possible. I prioritize health, digestion, reduced stress, etc in order to maximize the body’s performance. I find a happy body is a cooperative body and that it’s much easier to coax the body into working rather than force it.

My diet approach vary based on the individual. I don’t have a “one set plan”. I have many approaches ranging from full structured meal plans to flexible dieting. I general prefered a structured program with flexibility within reason. I prefer to keep the variables as minimal as possible to maximize the results. Cheat meals / Refeeds also vary based on the individual and their goals. If someone is in a contest prep things will be a lot more strict than someone who is simply on a general fitness and lifestyle program, generally speaking. The nutrition can be extremely detailed(eat this specific food at this specific meal) or macro nutrients per meal depending on which is best for the individual and their goals. Everything is designed to fit the client not a cookie cutter plan that the client is supposed to fit into. I switch up the program as often as needed to maximize the results, sometimes its weekly, other times it can be much longer.

The training programs I put together after assessing where the client is currently at, previous training history, goals, lifestyle etc. The workouts will be customized to fit you. Cardio is individual as some people may need more and some may need none at all. All of this is covered in detail in the program. As long as you put the work in you will get results. I don’t put programs to be easy, the workouts are very challenging, simply put they are made to be effective. The workouts will vary every 4-6weeks for most.

Communication is key. I cannot adjust what I don’t know is or isn’t happening. The more feedback I get – the more I can make sure a program is working. If you questions or concerns feel free to email anytime. Checking in is YOUR responsibility, I’m your coach not your babysitter. If I give you check in dates I expect the check ins on those dates – I’m not here to hunt you down, I’m here to maximize your progress.

My coaching style is a little blunt for some, but it’s to the point. I’m not here to sugar coat things, promise X placing, or tell you what you want to hear. I will tell you what you need to hear and make sure you are progressing on course with the goal. The only promise I’ll make is if you follow everything I say, give me adequate feedback, put in the work, put in the time, you will get in the best shape that we can get you in.

My Services

Online Coaching – Offseason or Contest Prep

  • Bodybuilding
  • Classic Physique
  • Physique
  • Figure
  • Bikini
  • Fat Loss
  • Muscle Gain

Monthly – $300

6 Months – $1500

1 Year – $2250

**Customized Packages for Contest Prep are available based on the individual and what is needed to be show ready**