Three Tips to Maximize Results.

Get off your phone and train!

cellphoneingymIt’s becoming quite a fad in the gym lately, the cell phone workout. I often see many people intensely staring into their phone for a majority of the workout while continuing to put lack-luster effort into the training itself. On top of this is their extremely un-monitored rest times that transfer to an even large lack of progress. I mean if you gotta check Facebook and it’s something good you may be resting up to 10 minutes on that machine. If you take a look around to the most in shape people working out, they aren’t playing on their phone for 10 minutes. Now they maybe changing their music or looking at their routine but for the most part are just training.

Warm Up Sets DO NOT Get Results!

Lift intense. Note I don’t say heavy or light – It has to be difficult for your allotted rep range. I see these decently fit guys up there doing curls with 10 lb dumbbells and it makes me want to lose my shit. They continue to look absolutely the same if not worse for months or years on end. However somewhere in their diluted sense of reality they have convinced themselves they are the most fit person on the planet and it would be an injustice to all the people struggling to get fit to not give out unsolicited advice in the form of their bullshit. Don’t be that person, and also don’t take advice from that person.

K.I.S.S Method!

keep-it-simpleKeep it simple stupid. If you haven’t accumulated more muscle mass than your body likes you to have, the likelihood that you need complex/fancy looking exercises is slim to none. You haven’t even mastered “the basics” so instead of putting the cart before the horse, why don’t you try getting results with SIMPLE EXERCISES that have been proven to work. Keep things simple and you may actually get this little thing I like to call results. Doing extreme movements, before you have the basics down will likely result in injury which will make getting in shape even more difficult. Why make it difficult when something simple will give results?


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