Attitude is everything

When it comes to achieving your goals in fitness, or in anything for that matter, attitude is everything. Often when it comes to fitness people put a negative association on the gym, exercise, “eating healthy”, etc and a positive association or drinking, partying, “tasty foods”,and social events revolving around food, etc. The problem with this scenerio is it is a breeding ground for no results. Instead of getting up and going “Oh god, I have to go to the gym” change it to something positive, I mean after all you are doing this to BETTER yourself… “Yes, one more workout closer to my goal!”.

The things you put a negative association with you will seldom ever do, this is because you have basically trained yourself not to like them. Are you ever in a hurry to do something you don’t like to do? Didn’t think so. Now at the same tune, if you have that feel food / positive association towards everything that is detrimental to your goal, your whole entire fitness journey you will be swimming upstream and as soon as you get a chance to slip, you will. You never quit something you enjoy doing.

Keeping a positive outlook and enjoying your journey, focusing on what you’re getting out of it rather than what you are “giving up” will get you to your goal much faster then hating it every step of the way.

– Cody Watkins

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